Why Manchester is a Top 5 Startup City (#MCRTop5)

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I was recently approached by Startacus, a startup community site promoting self starter learning, collaboration and culture to enterprising individuals, startups & creatives. They are doing a month dedicated to Manchester startups and wanted to know if I would contribute a guest post.

Techhub Manchester have been spearheading a #MCRTop5 campaign to get Manchester into the top 5 startup cities in Europe. As a startup and someone who has lived and worked in Manchester city centre for over 6 years I feel very passionately that this is achievable.

So I decided to focus my Startacus post on the main reasons I believe Manchester deserves to be in the top 5 startup cities in Europe. Without further ado here is the post:

6 Reasons why Manchester is Top 5 Startup City

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On August 6, 2014