Competitor Analysis Report


Before you enter the digital marketing landscape it’s vital that you know what the competitors are up to. Identifying where your competitors are strong and benchmarking provides valuable insight for any campaign setup or strategic launch.


My Competitor Analysis Report is a review of your key competitors looking at their advertising activity and methods being used to convert customers online. This document will provide you with a report and recommendations relating to the following areas:

Keyword Competitiveness

Knowing the keyword terms being used and targetted by your competitors is crucial information for benchmarking their performance online. I can essentially spy on their activity and let you know the terms they are likely targeting through their paid media advertising.

Advert Copy

Every business needs to use convincing advert copy to persuade users to convert. I can investigate the advert content of your competitors and deliver it back to you with a professional analyse / opinion.

Landing Pages

An online advertising campaign is only ever successful if the landing pages being used are properly optimised. I can review your competitors landing pages and feedback the elements you can benchmark to ensure your campaigns are at least as successful as theirs.

Display Advertising (If Available)

If your competitors are utilising display advertising such as GDN (Google Display Network) then I can find those adverts and break them down into areas you may want to copy or better.


You simply send me a list of your top 3 – 5 competitors and then I deliver a document broken down by the areas above. This will help you to increase the performance of your paid media advertising.

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