Digital Marketing Training


In today’s business there are no roles that escape the influence of digital marketing.  Many businesses outsource all aspects to a digital agency. But to manage that agency they require a certain level of knowledge themselves. Other’s expect the marketing department to learn on the job without outside help. To compete with this knowledge base its important your staff understand your digital audience, tools and data. That’s where Profoundry comes in!


I offer straight forward insightful training sessions and hands-on workshops which cover a wide variety of digital marketing aspects. These will leave you or your team with the knowledge to plan, create and manage your digital campaigns without the constant need for expensive agencies or freelancers. Click on one of the training options below to find out more: 

Blogger Outreach Training

SEO & Internet Marketing Flat Icons Set 2 - Bubble Series

Ideal for: Those who are focused on content development and PR activity.

Content Strategy Workshop

Content Marketing Training

Ideal for: Anyone involved in the marketing function of the business.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics Training

Ideal for: Those responsible for website performance and campaign planning.

Google Search Console Training (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Webmaster Tools Training

Ideal for: Those responsible for website development, performance and management.

Search Optimisation Workshop

SEO training

Ideal for: Those who are focused on maintaining digital traffic and revenue channels.

Digital Tools Training

Digital Tool Training

Ideal for: Those responsible for building, monitoring, analysing or reporting of digital campaigns.


You can book a training session by contacting me and arranging a suitable time and place. Alternatively if you aren’t sure which training you need, I can spend some time with your staff and establish the ideal training for your business. If the above options don’t meet your needs then get in touch to see if I can create a bespoke training session to meet your business requirements. Training can be carried out at my Manchester office or at your own premises. There is also a discounted rate available for bulk orders of training or workshop sessions.

Get in touch to find out more or to book a training session / workshop.