Google Remarketing Ads

With the internet now available on an array of devices, we spend more time than ever engaging with online content across various websites. If you have ever visited a website, and then been followed around the Internet by adverts for that same site, then that was Remarketing at work! The biggest advantage of Remarketing is that the ads are targeted to be shown exclusively to people who have already visited your website.


Once a user visits your website, a cookie on that page stores data relating to their visit and they are added to your Remarketing list. Then, if that visitor leaves without completing a previously selected conversion, they are eligible for targeting. This is typically through the use of digital ads which pop up on other sites that same potential customer visits, reminding them of your brand and keeping your website in mind.
If the targeted user clicks on the ad they are taken back through to your site and a pre-selected landing page. If, on this next visit, they then complete a conversion, they are taken off the list. If not, the process starts all over again.


Remarketing is a powerful tool to encourage previous visitors to your website to make a purchase or complete one of your preferred conversion activities. The way they do this is through:

Generating Awareness

By placing online ads designed for Remarketing purposes – targeting users of your website who haven’t completed a conversion – in front of your visitors as they navigate other websites, you are generating increased awareness of your brand and improving the chance for a successful second visit and conversion.

Increase Sales

Remarketing ads are sophisticated. They don’t just pop up on any website your potential customer visits, instead they can be tailored to be shown on sites relating to specific industries, demographics and locations. By appearing on relevant sites, your Remarketing ads are more likely to secure that successful conversion for your brand.

Drive Loyalty

Encouraging re-engagement of already interested potential customers with your website is a great and proven way to help build customer loyalty, even if those visitors have yet to make a purchase from your website. By keeping your brand in their mind when they’re visiting other, relevant sites, this will ensure they make further visits to your website, providing more opportunities to secure those conversions.


I collaborate closely with your team to gain a true understanding of your customer & business. I then look to apply this knowledge to setup relevant Remarketing Advertising campaigns. I also offer the option for regular reports on your Remarketing campaign activity.

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