Google Shopping Ads

The ability to access online content has never been easier and which means your potential customer base is huge! One way to ensure the right online users can find your brand, products or services, is through Google Shopping. It’s an effective PPC online advertising tool that puts your brand in front of relevant users searching for something specific on Google. The ad is simple, with an image accompanied by a few brief, but key details, encouraging users to click through, find out more and make that purchase.


Google Shopping ads ensure the right product or service is placed in front of a genuinely interested online user at the point of their Google search. By creating a shopping ad which includes a title, price and the name of your business, and clearly placing them, as part of a selection of other relevant results, in front of someone who is searching for something you sell, you are putting your brand in front of a real potential customer and making it simple for them to click through, find out more and make a purchase.
This type of PPC online advertising puts your brand in front of online shoppers at the point of their search for a specific product or service. The few, clear details displayed on your Google Shopping ad are enough to result in a clickthrough to your website, to a landing page with more details of the product and also easy access to similar or other, relevant products or services you offer.


Google Shopping ads are an excellent way to get your brand, product or services in front of online users at the point of their online search. Even if the user doesn’t make a purchase, you could achieve other conversions as part of the benefits which also include:

Generate Awareness

By using Google Shopping ads to target users who are searching online for a product you sell or a service you provide, you are increasing the chances of making a sale, but also, of creating a new potential, long-term customer. Even if the user who clicks through on your add doesn’t buy your product this time, it’s an introduction to your brand which has already been shown to be relevant to them.

Increase Sales

In many cases, showing your brand to someone searching for goods you sell can result in a sale, which is of course, why we use PPC advertising. While the sale may not always be instant, an eventual purchase and the beginning of building trust will help generate future sales, too.

Drive Loyalty

Google Shopping ads can help encourage previous shoppers or online users who are aware of your brand, but yet to make a purchase, to seriously consider your product or service. Even if it takes time to secure that first purchase, once that conversion is complete, your brand will become more familiar, encouraging that user to return to your site in the future, possibly without the use of digital ads, but more from brand loyalty – but loyalty that was achieved through the right PPC digital ads.


I collaborate closely with your team to get a true understanding of your customer & business. I then look to apply this knowledge to setup relevant Google Shopping ad campaigns. I utilise the right parameters and upload the best products to get your brand noticed for the right reasons. There is also an option to have regular reports on your activity.

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