Social Media Marketing Strategy


In the past few years, social media has revolutionised the way the world does business. There are several advantages to running digital advertising campaigns across social media channels. The biggest benefit being that Advertisers can take advantage of a wealth of demographic, geographic, and behaviour based information in order to target ads appropriately. Another benefit is the cost system where Advertisers only pay on engagement increasing your potential ROI.


I can work with you to develop an appropriate social media marketing strategy to help you build brand awareness, increase web traffic, drive eCommerce sales, drive event registrations or tickets, bring in targeted leads, etc. This strategy would:

  • Be tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals.
  • Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity.
  • Identify social media influencers in your industry.
  • Identify opportunities for engaging with influencers, prospects, and customers


I collaborate closely with your team to get a true understanding of your customer & business. I then look to apply this knowledge to produce a strategy or setup relevant social advertising campaigns. There is also an option to have regular reports on your activity.

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