Digital Strategy


Strategy is one of the core pillars of successful digital marketing.  The digital marketing landscape is consistently changing so online marketing strategies must evolve to keep up. A business or brand should ideally have one over-arching digital strategy and then more specific plans for various channels/objectives.


My Digital Strategy service can cover and consider a range of areas dependant on your business needs and objectives. Below is an example of a Digital Strategy structure:

  • Immediate Environment
  • Objectives
  • Strategic Overview
  • Ad Messaging Recommendations
  • Keyword Research
  • Brief Competitor Analysis
  • Account Structure
  • Goal Tracking Recommendations
  • Testing Recommendations
  • Schedule of Activity
  • Recommended Media Budgets
  • Monthly Management Costs

The above information is worked through with the client to establish a 3 / 6 / 12 month strategy. This can be in the form of one holistic Digital Marketing strategy or separate sub-strategies, for example:


I collaborate closely with you to develop a bespoke long or short term strategy that puts your marketing targets & audience at the core. Once confirmed I give you the option to utilise my Support Services throughout the strategy period on a retainer basis.

Get in touchtoday to find out how I can improve or build upon your marketing strategy.