Digital Consultancy


The digital landscape is ever changing as new technologies are introduced. Its more important than ever to adapt to these changes and seek opportunities that general marketers, in particular, miss out. That’s where I can add value! 

Digital Consultancy is a valuable commercial tool for any business, particularly new or e-commerce businesses. It allows businesses to access my particular skills or expertise which are not currently present within their own business, without the need to spend time recruiting or training employees or workers. Digital Consultancy is a more commercial and flexible relationship than employment, which makes it ideal where a business has a limited need for the digital services that I can provide. Here are some example scenarios where our consultancy could be used:

  • A Website Launch
  • New Product Offering
  • An Online Focussed Project
  • Digital Audience Research
  • Managing A New Digital Agency


I offer thought out digital marketing consultancy services that integrate with your current activities. Digital elements within this service include my experience in:


I collaborate closely with your team to get a true understanding of your business and its needs. Once I have established your target audience, proposition and KPI’s I tailor a range of services to help you achieve them.

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