10 Signs You Work In Digital Marketing

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I’ve seen hundreds of these “# Signs You Work In” lists grace the landing pages of Buzzfeed etc, but never one for us Digital Marketers. Its the last Friday before Christmas so I couldn’t resist creating my own contribution. So without further a do, here it is:

1. You Know How To Make A Hashtag With Your Fingers

finger hashtag

2. Your Family Think You “Do Facebook” For A Living

Doing Facebook

3. You’ve Found Yourself In This Situation With A Client:


4. You Evil Laugh When Clicking On Competitors PPC Ads

evil laugh

5. You Get Asked To Make Things “Go Viral” Daily

gone viral

6. Someone Says “Engagement” & You Dont Think:

Clinton Ring Box

7. You Have A Favourite 404 Page


8.  You Abbreviate “Experience”As The Letter ‘X’


9. This Guy Can Properly Ruin Your Work Day:

Evil Google

10. The VLOOKUP Function Is One Of Your Heros


So what did I miss? Pop your contributions in the comments below:

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On December 19, 2014