Google Display Ads: Latest Update And How To Make Them Work

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Google Display Campaigns are a useful and versatile tool to help raise brand awareness and reach potential customers. You can use them to reach warm or relevant users and build their interest in your brand, products or services advertising across various websites accessed via Google by users. Google recently announced a change to the service which makes this the perfect opportunity to review Google Display Ads and share some tips to get the best from the ad format.

What’s New?

Google recently announced that it was updating its GDN (Google Display Network) Ads service, with changes in effective from 1, August, 2022. In short those changes are:

  • Smart Display Ad Campaign features will be made available within ALL Display campaign options.
  • Optimised targeting will now be set as the default targeting option when creating new Display campaigns.

What the changes also mean is that users of Google Display Ads will be able to use Pay for Conversions, at your target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), which was previously only in the Smart Display Campaigns options.

Google explains that these changes will simplify campaigns for all GDN users and also, that no action is required. For those users who have existing or saved GDN Ads, they will remain as they are with their existing settings intact. While, for users with existing or saved Smart Display campaigns, they will be migrated into a Display campaign, also with your current settings intact.

Google also states that “The migration will not cause any fluctuations with your campaign’s performance.”

Not a Significant Update

This is not a major change and is unlikely to have a huge effect on your existing Display Campaigns or the way you use the platform. The features will all remain available and if you prefer not to use optimised targeting, you can change it in your settings. Meanwhile, for those used to using Smart Display Ads, the default settings for creating Display Ads will include Smart Bidding and other features you’re used.

Now you know what’s coming, how it affects you and what you need to do, (nothing) we wanted to share a few tips to help your brand gain the most benefits from Google Display Campaign:

Target the Right Audience for your Brand

To ensure your display ad banners reach the right audience, drill down beyond basic demographics. Include details such as where your preferred audience is based and also, other brands you know your audience likes. By adding these optimization details you will be more likely to get your display ads in front of those users who have in interest in tour industry or have already interacted with your brand you will reach warm leads who are closer to conversion.

Use Conversion Tracking

By adding conversion tracking to your display ad campaign, you can discover which users are more likely to take action based on your ads, helping you identify the most valuable users. Display ads can be used to reach users at the beginning of their journey interacting with your brands, or further on. However, by adding conversion tracking you can gain valuable insights on the type of potential customer to target.

Exclude Some Ad Placements

While the breadth of websites that Google Display Ads are featured on is a definite benefit, it can mean that your ads are placed in front of users who have no interest in your brand, whatsoever. You can avoid this excluding certain options, in a similar way to having negative key words in SEO. That way, you’re not wasting yours or anyone else’s time. Instead, you’re putting your ads in front of people who at the very least are likely to have an interest in your product or service.

Try Out A Range Of Ads

Creating three or four ads as a group, that uses different wording, colours and placement, but essentially carry the same message can be a great way to use Display Ad Campaigns. That way you can try them out at the same time and discover which Display Ad is the most effective. This can then give you useful insights for your next Display Campaign or other digital advertising options.

Use Remarketing

Create display ads that will appeal to previous visitors or customers of your website as they can serve as a reminder to people of your brand and why they loved it. The right display ads with the right offer can catch the eye and remind people of why your brand is great. The creation of a new remarketing landing page for your warm leads is also a great way to build on their positive views and bring them closer to making a first or repeat purchase.


Google Display campaigns are a useful tool that can serve your brand in a variety of ways. The changes aren’t major and once you familiarize yourself with them, get creative to get the best results possible for your brand. Get in touch if you would like to run some for your brand.


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