New Beginnings…

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On Thursday 2nd of January 2014 I handed in my notice at a high paying job in a Manchester based digital marketing agency. Since that day I have been called “brave”, “foolish”, “ambitious” and everything in between. I have been asked a thousand times why Iam choosing to be my own boss versus the easy or logical option of another agency / in-house role.

I left the security of full time employment for the flexible personal world of self employment. Lodged between agencies and in-house teams is the ‘Consultant’. Defined as “a person who gives professional or expert advice“. The idea of being able to offer my own brand of digital marketing experience to my own clients, really appealed to me. Being able to work on a client’s business as if it was my own is a key value. No factory production line processes or corporate hour counting. I wanted to start a business where I could chose my own clients based on potential and deliver creative ethical marketing. Profoundry is that business.

So Why ‘Profoundry’?

I went through a range of potential brand names. ‘Profoundry’ was chosen as a brand name for the range of terms it incorporated within:

  • Pro: Short for Professional, an important quality
  • Found: Helping businesses to get ‘Found’ by a target online audience
  • Profound: A deep thoughtful or informed knowledge of digital.
  • Foundry: An analogy for shaping or moulding a business into a brand leader

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On February 4, 2014