Profoundry Moves To New Offices

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After 2.5 years based at The Assembly, a coworking space on Great Ancoats Street, I decided a change of scenery was required. I moved the digital consultancy business just down the road to Beehive Lofts, a swanky coworking space in a converted mill within the old industrial Ancoats district of Manchester.

This was a difficult decision to make as I was the longest standing member of The Assembly and had seen it go through a wide range of ups and downs. I have always flown the flag for the space and supported the owners in trying to make it a successful coworking space. However, after a while the space changed into more of a shared office and lost that coworking community I joined it for and I knew it was time to move on.

PROMO BREAK: I have actually written a piece all about coworking spaces here if you are interested: Dawn of the Coworking Space Age

For me, Beehive Lofts offered a fresh start in a space filled with different businesses from animators, to developers, to fashion brands and architects. Ideal for a Digital Marketing Consultant like myself. It also offers a considerable upgrade in terms of interior environment with a New York loft apartment vibe. I moved in after a much needed week holiday in Lake Como. Needless to say, I quickly made myself at home and got a little sign made that sits above my desk announcing my service.

With 75 desks in the space and a range of independent individuals owners and multi-person businesses, it was a challenge to get around and meet everyone. I came up with an “offline marketing” ploy to bribe people to talk to me with CUPCAKES. The folks at Hey Little Cupcakes supplied me with 36 of their tasty personalised treats and I wandered around the office swapping businesses cards for cake whilst introducing myself and my services. A very tasty ice breaker.

2016-10-31_1310_001 2016-10-31_1311

On top of the great surroundings,  I have also managed to cut my daily commute from a heart racing 11-minute walk to a leisurely 4-minute stroll. FTW!


Below are a couple of shots of the lovely new office:










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On October 31, 2016