7 Reasons To Run Brand PPC Campaigns

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When you’re planning your Pay Per Click (PPC) search campaign it can take time making sure you’re bidding on the right and best keywords and phrases to help deliver those all-important conversions.

However, one part of most PPC campaigns you run should also include a branded element. Alternatively, you could run an entirely branded PPC campaign to help launch a new product or service.
It might seem as though spending money on your own brand name is counter-intuitive. After all, isn’t that what your website and SEO activities are for, to push your brand up the search results page? Well, true, sort of. However, organic growth of your website and brand takes time and if you’re promoting something new or a time-limited offer, then time is something you don’t have much of. Here are seven reasons why you should run branded PPC campaigns and bid on your own brand name among other important keywords:

1.Dominate Results

When it comes to topping the search results, even if you do everything right and your brand is number one for your search terms, you will always lose out to space at the very top of the page where paid search results sit. By bidding on your brand name along with certain keywords, your business will come top of the organic search list and also, top of the paid search results.
With such domination of the first search page results, you’re well placed to receive many more click-throughs and eventual conversions than you would be if you only top the organic SERPs but not the paid.

2.Optimize Conversions

When you appear in organic search results, Google is able to make some changes to your META description and title tags to suit their requirements regarding your brand or business. But, that’s not always what you really want potential customers and clients to see or learn about your brand when you pop up in their search results.
A paid for, brand PPC listing ensures the message you want to share remains current, reactive and relevant, without fears anyone like Google will interfere and change your messaging.

3. Lower Costs

When your competitors bid for keywords, it’s rare they’ll consider spending money on your brand name. Or if they do, they probably won’t do so for an extended period or across every key phrase that’s relevant to their industry. That lack of popularity in PPC bidding means the price of your brand name can be low.
That means it should require only a small investment to keep control of your company name in online search results, which is good news for your advertising budget and the potential ROI, too!

4. Improve Quality

By adding a branded keyword search section to your account will naturally help improve the quality or grade of your account. Your keyword selection plays a big part in your Google Quality Score and this is an easy way to bump your grade up.

5. Retain Relevance

We’ve already pointed out that Google has the ability to change your META description to suit its needs in online searches. By bidding on branded keywords, the search results won’t just be dominated by your company but you’ll also be able to tell those online searchers exactly what you want to about your business in relation to their search term.
This gives you more relevance and autonomy over the online story you’re sharing about your brand, which should be very important to most businesses.

6. Confidently Compete

While bidding on competitor brand names isn’t something that every company does, some do. That means that even if potential customers are specifically searching for your business, they could end up being directed to a competitor instead.
By bidding on your own brand name, you’ll ensure the competition doesn’t benefit from your reputation or brand in any way at all, which is certainly worth a little investment at least.

7. Boost Traffic

Just because one of your product isn’t popular with online customers doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t something that people want – they just might not know about it yet! That’s where a branded PPC campaign can help; not only can they work to boost knowledge and popularity of a new good or service you offer, it can also be used to guide more traffic to your less popular pages, goods or services. By using branded keywords to direct online searches to specific pages of your website you can encourage more people to find out about them.


As you can see, bidding on your own brand name or running a branded PPC campaign has the potential for you to really show the best of your business. It can also help you move ahead of your competitors and get different potential customers to look at the right page of your website rather than a page Google thinks is best.

What other benefits to brand bidding have I missed off? Or do you have a related tip you want to share? Pop it in the comments.

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On February 17, 2021